About Us

Tiny Turtle is mission-driven and brand-motivated by a belief that simple changes can have a major positive impact on our environment.

The plastic crisis in our oceans is well-documented, and one way to keep plastic waste of the oceans is to reduce use of plastic, single-use straws.

Our founders first began reflecting on the plastic crisis in our oceans while working on travel promotion in the Florida Keys. Restaurants in the Keys were among the earliest in the nation to stop serving plastic straws – there are a lot of sea turtles in the Keys! During a visit to The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida the team saw the toll that straws were taking on wildlife.

Tiny Turtle products are fittingly designed in Florida with an eye toward matching style with environmental responsibility. We know that simple, sustainable, and stylish everyday products can radically reduce waste. We believe straws are just the first step.

In addition to reducing the amount of plastic in our oceans, Tiny Turtle straws also directly improve the well-being of sea life through our “Ten for Turtles” program. Tiny Turtle donates 10% of every purchase to turtle conservation and rescue programs in Florida.